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Books I’m Currently Reading- August 2020

August was a strange month for me personally, so I didn’t feel motivated to try or do new things. Despite this, I started reading new books and tried to finish others. Here are some of the new books I started to read in August.

Live by Sadie Robertson with Beth Clark

Live was suggested to me by the doctor and nurses that took care of me while I was sick. Although I no longer see them as my primary care doctor’s office, I still talk to them often. They heard and read Live and suggested it to me because I’m currently in a transition period from being chronically ill with an antibiotic resistant infection to a healthy life without a chronic illness. So far it’s a good book and uplifting, but I don’t feel like helps me encouragement-wise as much as I thought it would. Still, if anyone needs an uplifting Christian book to read when you’re feeling very sad and depressed, I would suggest it.


Flint by Louis L’Amour

I purchased this book at Walmart back in 2016 as something to read and keep myself occupied during the weekend a large music festival was held. I didn’t read it back then because I was very busy at that time, but while cleaning out some of my books I rediscovered it. Since I’m spending more time at home and I wanted to be entertained by something besides the TV, radio, or YouTube, I decided to pick it up and read it. So far it’s good and I’m enjoying reading it.


Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

The last book I read in August is Midnight Sun. Like I said in my post about finding the book, it does have a darker tone because it’s told though Edward Cullen’s eyes (And he’s a vampire), but I am enjoying it much better than Twilight.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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