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Starting the Search to Find a New Job

Last week, I started searching for a new job. Although I like the one I currently have, I know I am limited by it. I can do it at home, but I also need to be in a certain area in order to do it. Since I will need to eventually move from the area where I currently live, I need to look for a new job.

As of this post, I have no plans to quit my current job, mostly because I still want an income. My plan is to continue working at my current job until I find another one. I’m not sure if that is what will happen, but I hope it will. Still, I need to find my second job.

As a start, I began searching for jobs in the field I would like to work in: Graphic Design. I’m not sure if I will work in graphic design, but I wanted to see what kind of jobs are available and what their requirements are. After searching online for graphic design jobs near where I live, I found jobs that gave me a better understanding of what employers expect from their employees.

Much to my surprise, I found jobs that I could potentially apply for. I’m not going to, but knowing what their requirements are to work for them surprised me because I expected they would have more requirements and work experience I don’t have to work for them.

Although I don’t want to work for a company in the area where I live, I am tempted to apply for the jobs I saw. I would love to work a second job in addition to my current one, but I never had the energy to work two jobs. Another plan I have is to work two jobs, my current job and a second one, in order to earn enough money to move out of the area where I live and add to my savings for a rainy day. So, seeing those jobs and what their requirements are peaked my interest.

Even though this looks like a good idea, I’m also not sure if working for some of the employers would be a good idea. Oddly enough, the school district I graduated from is looking for a new graphic designer. This job is full time, so I can’t work my current job and this job at the same time, but seeing it brought up old memories of going to school. I didn’t like my school or my school experience. I also have problems with some of the teachers that used to work there and, if I’m not mistaken, they still work there. Being able to work at my old school as anything but a teacher used to be my dream when I was little, but today it’s not. So, I plan on passing over that job and focusing on other potential jobs in and out of the graphic design field.

I just started my journey to find myself a second, new job so I’m not in a hurry to find one before the end of the month… even though that would be nice!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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