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Bodycology Fragrance Mist Haul- December 2019

In December 2019, I went to Walmart to look at Christmas tree decorations. While shopping, I looked at the holiday gift set section. That was when I discovered Walmart had new scents from Bodycology. After seeing the new scents, I went to the section of the store where Bodycology is available year round to see what is available. I found four fragrance mists that I believed my friends would love the scent of and bought them as gifts for them.The first scent I purchased was Sweet Love…

According to Bodycology’s website, Sweet Love is a “delicate fragrance of whipped cream and sweet rose.” I have a friend that loves the scents of cream and rose, so finding this fragrance mist was a perfect gift for her.

The second scent is Pink Vanilla Wish…

According to Bodycology’s website, Pink Vanilla Wish is a “sparkling blend of warm vanilla, almond and pink peony.” During the shopping trip I bought all the fragrance mists, I called one of my friends to tell her Cherry Blossom is back. After telling her all the scents available, she told me to buy her a bottle of Pink Vanilla Wish. Since her birthday would come in the beginning half of the year, I picked up a bottle as a gift for her.

The third scent is Cherry Blossom…

According to Bodycology’s website, “Blushing cherry blossom blooms with fragrance to produce a blissful and radiant scent.”

Cherry Blossom is a scent I used to love back in 2010. Back then, I thought the fragrance mist was ok but the lotion was wonderful. For many years Bodycology didn’t sell Cherry Blossom, but they brought it back for the holiday season 2019. I was so excited to see it return that I bought myself body lotion and hand cream in the scent. I still feel ok about the fragrance mist, but I have a friend that loves this scent as a body mist and had trouble finding it, so I bought it for her.

The fourth and final scent is Dark Cherry Orchid…

According to Bodycology’s website, Dark Cherry Orchid is “A flirty blend of dark cherry orchids and luscious Empress peach.” It’s a very pretty scent that one of my friend adores. So, I picked up a fragrance mist for her before it sold out.


Last time I checked, all four scents are still available at Walmart, depending on which Walmart you visit and what that store carries and is in stock.

As for giving these mists as presents, I planned to give them to my friends over the past few months as birthday and other special occasion presents. That didn’t turn out so well because of Covid-19/Coronavirus. The stay at home orders and closure of places we wanted to meet at prevented us from seeing each other. It make us frustrated, but that’s not under our control. I still have plans to give them the fragrance mists and, even though I told them I had the fragrance mists, my friends asked me to give the mists to them as presents, even if it means I give it to them over 6 months after I purchased them.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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