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My Views on The Coronavirus and The Panic Associated With It (From Someone Who Used to Have a Chronic Illness)

I’m a private person and would rather talk about beauty products, fashion, travel, and anything besides major current events on social media, but this past week, while buying my next month’s grocery supplies, I saw the way people acted in the grocery stores because of the fear associated with the Coronavirus. And I was stunned.

I’ve heard, and encountered, many people that acted rude, selfish, and attempting to control my purchases at the grocery stores I visited. I don’t like to “out” people on social media, but I encountered a woman in the grocery store that told me I was purchasing the wrong kind of tissues. I wasn’t but since I like to use a certain type of tissue because they are thicker than others, I was offended when she tried to scold me for buying these tissues. Fortunately, no serious confrontation happened, as I have experienced during other shopping trips, but it made me upset, uneasy, and made me guard myself, not the stuff in my shopping cart, more.

And it wasn’t just the way people acted when trying to buy essentials that made me upset. It was how they treated other people. They were rude. They would get into fights for things that won’t help prevent the Coronavirus or ease their suffering if they, God forbid, catch the virus. It makes going out and running errands extremely terrifying because of the way humans treat other humans.

Even though my friends encouraged me to talk about this on my blog, I decided not to… until I watched this video from the amazing YouTuber Kristina Braly…

Now, although I enjoy watching her content, watching her video about the panic connected with the Coronavirus was the final push to actually sit down and write a blog post.

So, as you read in the title, I used to have a chronic illness. My chronic illness was an antibiotic resistant infection. I was diagnosed in my late teens, which just so happened to coincide with a more public awareness of antibiotic resistant infections. And there was panic. Not on the level we see today out of fear of the Coronavirus, but there was panic. People wouldn’t touch me because they were afraid of catching my infection. People I used to be close friends with in high school with openly gossiped about me and how I caught my infection. And they even had the audacity to say to me directly how they think I caught my infection and their real thoughts about me and our friendship.

Although it was believed my infection was something I would need to live with for the rest of my life, medical research was able to prove my infection was not as bad as once thought and I was officially declared cured of it in June 2018. Even though I’m cured, I still need to do things (Take specific vitamins, eat certain food, ect.) as aftercare from damage done to my body after suffering from the infection for so many years.

So, keeping this in mind, when I went into the chaos of the Walmarts and Target I went to this past week I looked for all the things that I knew would keep me clean and knew I would use on a regular basis just to see how many people are cleaning, and are taking care of themselves like I do. Much to my shock, nearly all the cleaning products, vitamins, and food I eat was still in stock. Seeing this made me look for all the cleaning products that was sold out… and I discovered the cleaning products I was told not to use was sold out.

These cleaning products contain bleach, which is a great cleaning product but is not something I can use in my cleaning. The reason is because bleach kills more germs than my other cleaning products… or at least that’s what people think. I was taught to clean my house without bleach because, after my diagnosis, I was taught by my doctors that if I had the infection they believed I had, which was Mrsa, could not be killed by bleach. It can be killed, or slowed by other products, but not bleach. Because of this, I stopped using products with bleach in them and focused on other products such as rubbing alcohol.

Standing in those aisles, I realized that people believed that killing all germs will protect them from getting the Coronavirus. It may work against the Coronavirus, but overuse of it would cause germs to become immune to bleach. Although this was not all the things I saw sold out that I believe people must be careful using, what made me the most angry was how many people bought rubbing alcohol, medical supplies, and pain relievers. This puts people who are in a far more desperate medical need than I am today at risk and by taking away the supplies from these people out of panic and their fear is ridiculous and completely outrageous.

Even though I can go on and on about the ridiculous things people are doing just to obtain things the think they need, I leave it here. In short, please don’t buy anything you don’t already need or will use within the next few weeks. Don’t give into the hysteria people are promoting and use common sense. Watch the news media but if you need to watch something else for your own sanity, do it. And don’t feel guilty about it! Wash your hands. Use soap when you wash your hands. And if you cough, please cough into your elbow, not into your hands or without covering your mouth. And please be kind to the people around you while you go shopping. There is no need, nor will it help anyone, if you lecture someone about what kind of tissue box size they should be buying.

As for me, I’m going to be fine. I have enough supplies to take care of myself for well over a month and I won’t need to face the greedy people in the stores that want supplies not because they need back ups, but because they want everything to “protect” themselves. The Coronavirus is frightening and, after my struggles with an antibiotic infection, I am afraid. But I know I will be ok. I spoke to my doctor about the Coronavirus and how to protect myself from it and, much to my relief, I was already doing everything I needed to do. I don’t need to wear a mask when I go out in public or anything else I was worried I needed to do in order to keep myself healthy. Like what my doctor told me, I don’t have an autoimmune disease or compromised immune system. Just a body in the process of healing from a very serious infection.


Well, that’s all for now. I hope to not get on my soap box again about my frustrations about the panic associated with the Coronavirus, but I needed to get this off my chest.

Thank you for reading.

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  • oliveunicorn

    Good post , I was thinking the same thing about bleach . Yes certain bacteria’s can become resistant to it as well . I usually alchahol or vinegar for my cleaning . Also the thing about the panic buying and hoarding is really sad . I feel bad for poor or low income people who really need certain things and can’t get them because of this behavior. My only advice for those people is to call ahead and ask the store manager if they can out aside some things for them. Also most stores get stock at night or mornings so those may be the best time to go shopping for some .

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