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My 2020 New Year’s Cleaning and Thoughts About My Future as a Homeowner

It’s a new year and for many people, it means it’s time for a new start. For me, it means more time to clean my house. It’s really embarrassing to admit, but I do not own the house I live in. Due to a lengthy illness (an antibiotic resistant infection) that took over 10 years to be cured from, I couldn’t own my own home and, when I had the money to, I couldn’t live alone due to my illness. So, I lived with a relative. I had so many dreams to own my own house and move away from the area I currently live in, but right now I’m still on the road to recovery and working to earn and save enough money to move.

Even though I do not own the house, I still want to pitch in and keep the house clean. I do this for two main reasons: I still live in the house, so I want to make it more comfortable to my relative and I to live in and I want to thank my relative for all the years of allowing me to live in their house. After working on preparing for my first venture into painting my relative’s house, I began to realize my own insecurities about owning my own house without someone there to help me.

Living on my own was my dream as a child. When I became sick in my mid to late teens, I still told myself that I will be moving into my own house one day soon. I even picked out an area where I could live that was close enough to my then current job and began to buy things that I wanted to own for a new house such as nice china and Christmas decorations. But as the years wore on, I started to accept I cannot move into my own house. I stopped buying myself things for my future house and slowly I stopped dreaming or working towards owning my own house.

In 2016, things began to change. My mother passed away and my doctors told me there is a chance I not only can beat my illness back, but be cured from it. It was the year of of joy and sadness and this opposing feelings made me reassess my goals in life and what I wanted to do with my life. That was when my dream of owning a house began to come back to life.

It’s 2020 and so far I’m still living with my relative. Despite this, so much in my life has changed. I’m cured from my infection. I still suffer from complications from the infection, but I’m getting stronger and healthier. And my desire to own my own house is stronger than ever. There is just one problem: It’s currently a seller’s market.

Whenever I find a house in the area I wanted to move to, the houses I like sell quickly. Also, I needed to change the area I wanted to move to several times. There are many reasons why I need to move to certain areas, but the two main ones are the my job and health. I want to be closer to my job and I would like to live in an area where my allergies are not so bad.

Finding a place to move that is closer to my job is not a problem, but living in an area where my allergies are not bad is a problem. I live in Arizona, which is the place to live when you have allergies, but ironically, my allergies are worse in Arizona. In Arizona, I suffer from seasonal allergies and allergies all year round. My allergies are not bad in all areas of Arizona, but they will be in the areas I originally wanted to live in before I got sick.

Finding a location to look for a house in, and know the price range I should save for, is something that stresses me more than I’d like it to. Also, I don’t want to settle for a home in an area that I know I will have constant allergy problems. I have ideas on where I would like to live, but I’m not ready to talk openly about them online. Since my plans seem to change weekly, I don’t want to write complaint post every week just to get my stress off my chest.

Until I have a final decision about what to do, I’ll still think, save my money, and work on cleaning and repairing my relative’s house.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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