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August 2019 Favorites

It’s September, so it’s time to do another favorites post! I wanted to make a beauty favorites post, but I did not try enough beauty products to talk about. So, I’m going to talk about some of my favorites for the month of August.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

I used to love Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, but I stopped using it. I stopped using it because it was too hard to find in store where I live. A few months ago, I found Bum Bum Cream at a local Sephora in JcPenny’s, allowing me to buy and use it again. I’m so glad to have my old favorite cream back in my skin care routine!

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Candle

When Bath and Body Works released their fall scented candles, body care, and other items, I was excited. I love the fall scents from Bath and Body Works more than any other seasonal scent they carry. And, out of all the fall scents, my favorite is Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. I have a candle left over from last year, but I didn’t buy a wallflower in the scent.

E.O.S. Shaving Cream

While browsing Target for shaving cream, I discovered that E.O.S. makes shaving cream. At the time I was unsure if I would like it, but I decided to pick up a few bottles of it to try out. (It also helped the shaving cream was on sale!) Now that I’m on my third and final bottle, I can honestly say I really do love it! It does cost more than normal shaving cream, but it keeps my skin moisturized after I shave. I have other shaving creams to use up before I need to pick more up, but I am sad I will not be able to use the E.O.S. shaving cream for a while.

Essie A Touch of Sugar Nail Polish

It’s been a while since I painted my nails, so near the end of the month I decided to do so. I was unsure which color to pick, but after some thought I decided to use the color A Touch of Sugar. A Touch of Sugar is a cool pink color with gold metallic flecks in it. After painting my nails with the color, I remembered how much I love the color. I’m so happy I rediscovered this nail polish color and look forward to using it more.


That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!


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