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April 2019 Beauty Favorites

I can’t believe April is over! By the time I began to enjoy the month, it’s already May! It makes me sad to see April go because that means the weather here in Arizona will get hotter from here. Although I’m sad April is over, I am excited May started.

Before I start to dread the summer heat and get excited for fun events this month, I want to look back at all the beauty products I enjoyed using and playing with during the month of April. This month’s list is short, but I hope it still gives you some insight into what beauty products I was enjoying during the month of April.

Ulta Beauty x Marvel’s Avengers Collection

The first beauty item I fell in love with in April was a whole entire collection. In over to celebrate the release of the movie Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, Ulta released a collaboration collection inspired by Marvel’s Avengers. The collection included liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, a highlighter pallet, an eye shadow pallet, and three make up bags. Being a pop culture fan, as well as a fan of the packaging, I went on a splurge and picked up everything in the whole entire collection. If you know me, you’d know purchasing a whole entire beauty collection isn’t normal for me, but I really liked the lip products, highlighter, and eye shadow colors as well as the design of the make up bags so much I decided to pick everything up.

I plan on talking in more detail about the collection in a future post.

Shea Moisture Restore and Repair Hair Conditioner

The second beauty item is Shea Moisture’s Restore and Repair hair conditioner. This year, my seasonal allergies made me miserable and, when coupled with my allergies from the plants in the area where I live, I had a terrible month of allergy problems. Since my allergies was exceptionally bad, I also had problems with dry skin and dry hair. Normally, I have oily hair, but sometimes, when my allergies are bad, I need a very strong conditioner. My go-to favorite for a few years now is Shea Moisture’s Restore and Repair. I usually take some conditioner after washing my hair and massage it through my hair, paying special attention to my ends. I let it sit for five to fifteen minutes before I wash it out. It always makes my hair very smooth and hydrated.

Gingham by Bath and Body Works Perfume

The last beauty item I fell in love with in April is Bath and Body Work’s new fragrance: Gingham. Bath and Body Works released it in April, so it is a very new fragrance. At first I was unsure if I would like it, but after smelling it I fell in love. It is so light and fresh smelling that I knew I would wear it during the summer months. I can’t wait to have more the opportunity to wear it in the coming months!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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