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Hempz Fall 2022 Skin Care at Ulta Beauty

I went back and forth about writing a post about Hempz’s Fall 2022 skincare. It’s not because of controversy around the Hemp Seed oil in the Hemp products, it’s because I’m allergic to Hemp Seed oil! I prefer to talk about products that I am not allergic to, so I didn’t know if writing about Hempz on my blog would be a wise idea. Despite this, Hempz is a well loved product in the area where I live. Once I saw Hempz’s Fall 2022 skincare line for sale at Ulta Beauty, I thought it would be a great time to write a post about it.

For Fall 2022, Hempz released Herbal Body Moisturizers in two different scents. The first is Pumpkin Spice & Vanilla Chai…

The second is Apple Cinnamon Shortbread. I believe there is a third scent, but I saw two and photographed one.

In addition to the Moisturizers, they had a Herbal Hand Wash in the scent Apple Cinnamon Shortbread…

They also had a Keep Balm and Kiss On set…

The set included two Ulta Moisturizing Herbal Lip Balms in two seasonal scents. The scents are Apple Cinnamon Shortbread and Apricot and Clementine.

The final products in the collection are four Bare Body Herbal Body Moisturizer…

They came in four different scents. The scents include Orange Nectar and Cashmere, Soft Citrus and Sweet Creme, Warm Vanilla and Amber, and Sweet Jasmine and Apple Blossom. The product comes in really cute bear shaped bottles. After searching Ulta Beauty’s website, I found all four moisturizer scents are also available in mini sizes as part of a holiday/Christmas gift set.

I am happy I got to see these products. The Herbal Body Moisturizer bottles really amused me. I am surprised there were still products available to purchase. I saw the products in store in very late October. Due to the popularity of Hempz in the area, I thought there wouldn’t be anything available! I wonder if fans delayed stocking up on the products until after Halloween.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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