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Camelot- Original Cast Recording Vinyl Record- What It Looks Like and Thoughts About Owning It

This Sunday is the 75th annual Tony’s and I’m excited about it! I’m a theater fan most of my life and, after the pandemic closed Broadway and all theaters worldwide, I’m super excited about this year’s Tony’s. In order to celebrate (And release my theater fan side of me on the internet), I wanted to spend a week talking about musicals and other musical related topics. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make a post every day this week, but all the posts I will make will be musical or Broadway themed. For today’s post, I wanted to talk about the vinyl record version of the musical Camelot from 1961.

I found this record during a trip to Goodwill. The record still appears to be in playable condition, but as of the publishing of this post I have not tried to play it. I’m very happy to own it. I wanted to add vinyl records of musicals to my vinyl record collection, but all the ones I could find are too expensive or weren’t in good shape. When I found a copy of Camelot for sale at Goodwill, I happily purchased it. Despite not playing the record, I wanted to show what the original 1961 record looks like and talk about my thoughts about owning it.

Here is what the record and the sleeve looks like…

This is what the front of the sleeve looks like…

And the back…

And finally, the inside of the sleeve…

The blue pamphlet inside the sleeve is glued to the sleeve itself, but can be flipped up to see the writing and photographs behind it.

This record is of the original 1961 cast of Camelot. The musical was written by Alan Jay Lerner and Fredrick Loewe and is based off the novel The Once and Future King by T. H. White. The musical follows King Arthur through his life, starting with him pulling the sward from the stone and ending after the collapse of his kingdom. It’s original 1961 cast stared Richard Burton as King Arthur, Julie Andrews as Queen Guenevere, and, in his debut role, Robert Goulet as Lancelot. The musical is also associated with the Kennedy Administration, which is sometimes called the “Camelot Era”.

Overall, I’m very happy to own the record. An original 1961 Camelot is a musical cast recording on my vinyl record wish list. I love the story of King Arthur in all kinds of variations, but the versions based off T. H. White’s novels are by far my favorite. I also love Julie Andrews and Robert Goulet’s singing voices, making it a record I know I will enjoy listening to. As with many people, I’m on a tight budget to purchase “fun” things, which made the price point for one from a record store or online too high for me. I realized a few months ago people are donating many nice items, including vinyl records still in playable and sellable condition, to a local Goodwill. Goodwill’s prices are well within my budget, so I started to look through their selection of records to see if there is anything I want to purchase. That’s how I found this record.

I purchased it with the intention of owning it, listening to it, and enjoying it. I’m disappointed I haven’t played it yet (Blame it on a super busy month or more) but I hope to try to listen to it in the summertime. I will be disappointed if the record is not playable, but I purchased it at such a low price I don’t feel too depressed about it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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