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Important Items to Buy When Switching from PC Laptop to MacBook

On my art blog, Essie of Who, I talked about needing a new computer, buying a new computer, and setting up my computer. As of the writing of this post, I’m still setting up my new computer, which has proven to be a bit more complicated than I originally planned. This is because I’m switching between a PC laptop to a MacBook laptop.

So far I love my new MacBook and really enjoy using it. I need to admit, after all the problems I had with my PC laptop for the past two-three years, whenever I use my new MacBook, I feel spoiled. Still, I’m struggling a little bit to get everything I want and need on the computer to work. This is because everything I have is meant for a PC, not MacBook. So, I’m currently trying to track down some more items I both want and need in order to add all the computer programs and hard drives I used to work with it.

Since I’m in the middle of buying new items for my new computer, I want to write a post about some of the items I really need in order to make everything work on my computer. Some of them are not necessary for everyone, but for me, they are. Also, everything I am talking about is for a 2021/2022 14 inch MacBook Pro. Some MacBooks (And probably Mac PCs) will require different configurations in order for them to fit, but most do not come with the items or outlet for the computer items I’m going to talk about. So if your computer is different than mine, please make sure to buy anything I mention on this list with the required outlets for your computer. Also, I will not be talking about specific brands or have links to specific items on Amazon or other websites. This is because, as of this post, I’m still searching for some of the items on this list for my computer. So, I can’t vouch for the quality of any product yet!

Keyboard Protector

A keyboard protector is not necessary, but if you eat near or around your computer, it’s a good idea to invest in a keyboard protector. I bought my keyboard protector as part of a set of screen protector and hard case for my computer and am happy to own one, but if you don’t want one, then you don’t need to buy one. Still, if you want to protect your keyboard and keep it clean and free of crumbs or other dirt, then get one.


Screen Protector

Like the keyboard protector, a screen protector is not necessary. Yet, if you are worried about something happening to the screen, then invest in one. Screen protectors come in a variety of price points and are available on Amazon with a hard case for the computer and a keyboard protector. 


Hard Case

Even though a keyboard and screen protector are not necessary, I believe a hard case is. There is always a chance to drop a laptop, so a hard case is extremely important to protecting your new computer.


Padded Case

If you travel a lot, or plan on moving the computer around the house a lot, it is a great idea to also own a padded case for the laptop. Even though a padded case is meant to protect the laptop when not in use, it is a good idea to own one.


Backup Charger

I like to own a backup charger for my laptop computer. I like to keep one cord in an area where I like to work on my laptop the most and one for traveling. This is not necessary, but if you want to keep a charger for travel and one for home, then invest in a backup charger.


Converter for Headphones

My MacBook has a headphone jack, but not all MacBooks, or Apple products for that matter, has one. This is why you need to buy a converter for headphones. You can bypass this by owning a pair of bluetooth wireless headphones, or one of Apple’s compatible headphones or earbuds, but if you like using corded headphones or use a type of headphone that is not compatible with Apple products, then you’ll need a converter for headphones.


USB to USB-C Adaptor and USB Hub

I’m going to be honest with you: USB ports are things I didn’t need to worry about when I used my PC laptop. Now that I’m a Mac user, I need to invest into USB converters and USB hubs to use my USBs. My computer has plenty of USB-C (Or USB type C) ports, but not all MacBooks have them either. So, if you like or need to use USBs for work, and you work on your MacBook, you need to invest into a USB converter. I also recommend purchasing a USB Hub as well. That way you can use the last two items on this list while using an USB. Also, if you enjoy photography or using SD cards, get a SD card reader that plus into a USB port.


CD/DVD External Player and Writer

Another major complaint about MacBooks I have is that it does not have a CD/DVD player and writer. Not everyone needs a CD/DVD player, but I do. Because of this, I need an external CD/DVD player and writer. If you like to watch DVDs on your computer or need to use them for any reason, seriously look into investing into a CD/DVD external player. Also, there are players that also write on CDs and DVDs. If you need to write on a CD or DVD, look for one that not only can play CDs and DVDs but can also write on them. Or you can buy a player and writer separately. It depends on what you want and need the device to do.


External Keyboard and Mouse

The final item I bought for my new computer is an external keyboard and mouse. These are not needed to make the computer work, it can make the conversion between a PC laptop to MacBook easier. MacBook touch pads work differently than PC touch pads, so it can be very confusing to use it. To make it easier to get use to the MacBook touch pad, look into buying a keyboard and mouse. There are keyboard and mouse combo packs and there are some that can work not only on PC computers but Apple. Look for one that works well with your budget and what you need to use it for. For an example, if you still use a desktop PC, it may be a better investment to purchase a PC and Apple compatible keyboard and mouse instead of buying one for each computer.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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