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How the Loss of a Potential Job Made Me Realize I Had My Career Goals All Wrong

Recently, I tried to find a new side job in order to add some more money to my savings. I thought I found one I could do from home, but, unfortunately, I didn’t get the job. It bothered me to not get the job because it was in a field I used to work in frequently. I left the field a few years ago in order to allow myself more time to rest after treatments for health problems. Now that I’m healthier, I thought I could take on some freelance work in my old job field.

Since it didn’t work out, I felt really rattled. I thought I used to be good at my job, but not getting the job made me wonder about my old job. I enjoyed working at it and planned on going into it full time. When I needed to rest more because of my health problems, I had to make the hard decision to not continue working on the job. I always wished I didn’t quit my job and wondered where I would be career wise today if I kept my job. This is why I thought I should try to get a freelance job in the field, even though finding a part time or freelance job right now is not easy.

Even though not getting the job rattled my confidence, it was only one job and I could apply for other jobs instead. I seriously considered searching for more jobs, but I began to wonder if I really do want to peruse a freelance job in the field.

During the search for a freelance job, I began to have doubts about returning to my old career. I liked it years ago, but after I quit, I began to realize how much stress I was under when I worked on the job. I also began to realize how little I actually liked my job. Back then, I needed a second job and it was the best paying job available for me to work at that time. If I could’ve picked what kind of job I wanted to have back then, I would’ve picked a totally different career field. I enjoyed my co-workers and still talk to them to this day, but I really didn’t like the job.

When I discovered I didn’t get the job, I was frustrated and my confidence to do the kind of work I used to do was gone. Yet, I was relieved that I knew the answer as to if I should go back to my old job. As the day went on, I began to feel at peace about not returning to my old job and began to think about all the other jobs I can do that I will enjoy more.

Sometimes, bad things happen for no reason. Sometimes that means that dreams and goals can no longer be achieved. Because of this experience, I remembered all the bad things that happened in my life and how it always turned out for the good. I made great friends at my old job, I earned good money at my old job, and having the job taught me how to work around any sort of shortcoming I have without slowing or putting work related hardships on my co workers. I am grateful for the job and who I am today because of it. Yet, that doesn’t mean that I should return to it. In fact, I believe I have skills that would be better suited for a different career. It was painful to go through a health crisis to force me to make a decision about my career, but I think I’m better off not returning to my old career and search for one I will enjoy more.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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