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What I’m Looking for In a New Vehicle

Last week, I talked about needing a new vehicle. After writing that post, I thought about what I would like to have in a vehicle. Even though I’m not in a hurry to buy a vehicle right now, I do have an idea what kind of a vehicle I would like to own next. Since I’m talking so much about vehicles, I decided to write a post about everything I would like to have in my ideal next vehicle. I probably won’t get everything I want, but I hope my next vehicle will have most of the things I want it to have.

Must Be a Crossover SUV

My current vehicle is a crossover SUV and I love it. This is why I want my next vehicle to also be a crossover SUV. Also, a crossover SUV is a great vehicle to drive in the area where I currently live. I since I live in a rural area and I need a vehicle with a high ground clearance, an SUV is the best vehicle for me to own and drive, aside from a truck or other vehicle that has a higher ground clearance.


Good Gas Mileage

I travel a lot to purchase groceries and do other errands for myself and for work. Because of this, a vehicle with good gas mileage is important. Compared to other vehicles in the time period my vehicle was made in, my vehicle gets good gas mileage. Even by today’s standards, it’s not bad, but I would like my next vehicle to have either the same gas mileage as my current vehicle or better.


Larger Area For Passengers to Sit in

Even though my current vehicle is a crossover SUV, it is not a very large vehicle. When I got it years ago, I was shorter than I am today. As I grew taller, I began to realize how small my vehicle really is. Today, in order to sit comfortably in the vehicle, I need to push my seat all the way back. When I do this, there isn’t enough room for anyone to sit in the back seat. Because of this, I want my next vehicle to be large enough for me or someone in the front passenger seat to push the seat back and still have enough room for someone to sit in the back seat comfortably.


No Touchscreens (Or, If There Is a Touchscreen, There Are Still Buttons to Control AC, Radio, Ect.)

I’m very picky about touchscreens in vehicles. Basically, I don’t like everything controlled by a touch screen. I want buttons to still exist to control the AC, heater, radio, and other things. The reason is because, whenever I needed to quickly access the controls, I like to feel for the controls so I don’t need to move my eyes off the road. If a touchscreen is the only way I can control everything, then I will need to focus my eyes off the road and focus on the touchscreen, causing a potential serious distraction. So, no touchscreen. Or a touchscreen and buttons to control everything at a moment’s notice.


A Seat Warmer

Wanting a seat warmer in a vehicle is odd for me, especially since I live in a part of Arizona where the average summer temperatures would reach over 100 degrees. Despite this, I want to have a seat warmer in my future vehicle. I sometimes struggle with nerve pain in my back that is easily remedied by using a heating pad for five or more minutes. Since I cannot take a heating pad with me and use it in a vehicle, I thought getting a vehicle with a seat warmer would be useful for the days when I have bad back pain.


Good Carpeting

After watching many car detailing videos on YouTube, I realized owning a vehicle with good carpeting is something I would like. The reason is because the better the quality of the carpet, the easier it is to clean. My current vehicle doesn’t have the highest grade carpet, but it is much better than what I’ve seen in recent vehicles. After vacuuming my vehicle, I can honestly say buying a vehicle with good quality carpeting is important. Or, if the vehicle is older and I have enough money left over, I can seriously look into buying a higher quality carpet to replace the lower grade carpet.


White or Light Colored Paint

I really like the way vehicles look with dark paint colors, but I want a vehicle with a while or lighter colored vehicle. The reason is because I like the practicality of a white or lighter colored vehicle. Also, in Arizona, white and lighter colored vehicles are extremely popular because it keeps the vehicles cooler in the summer heat.


Vehicle is From My List of Automotive Brands With a Good Reputation and Reliability

I have a short list of vehicles I want to own and brands I want to look into buying from. They do have a good reputation and reliability, so I’m very serious about buying a vehicle from them. The brands I want to look into buying include Toyota and Hyundai. Even though I have a short list of vehicle brands, I am also willing to buy a vehicle from another brand that isn’t on my list but is still known for having a good reliability.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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