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I Can Feel Fall Coming (and I’m Super Excited)

This past week was not a great week for me. Aside from work related problems, I also fell ill with food poisoning. I was able to recover without seeing a doctor (Which made me very happy because it shows how well my body is healing) but I had to take it easy to let my body heal. Since I had to be careful, my productivity was bad and I had a lot of things I needed, specifically chores and errands, to do built up.

Even though this past week was not a great week, there was something happy happened this past week: I can see and feel fall coming!

In Arizona, it’s hard to see fall coming. There is a temperature change, but, depending where you live, the leaves on the trees don’t change. The only obvious sign fall is coming is the fall and Halloween decor in stores. Despite this, Arizona does show signs of fall. It’s just different and harder to see.

This past week I really began to see the changes. First, the sun began to set earlier. Of course that’s a universal sign there is a season change, but I believe it’s even more special in Arizona. Arizona summers are always hot and seeing the sun set earlier is a sign that cooler temperatures are on their way.

Second, the sun’s rays don’t feel as harsh as they normally are. It was hard to feel it this past week because there was record breaking heat, but walking outside had a very weird feel to it. To me, the heat seemed out of place for the last full week of August. The position of the sun in the sky was wrong and didn’t match the heat.

And finally, the desert is starting to change. The deserts of Arizona have two blossom seasons, one in the spring and a second one in the fall. The fall bloom season isn’t the same as spring and there aren’t many wildflowers in bloom, but the trees and cacti like to bloom. The fall bloom is always fun to see and look at, especially since the weather is cooler. Although I don’t see many bloom buds on the desert trees and cacti, I can see other plants that usually loose their leaves in the fall preparing to loose their leaves.

I always enjoyed seeing the signs fall is coming in Arizona, but this year’s fall change is especially important to me. After missing out on enjoying the season change because of my health problems for many years, I’m trying to enjoy the change for all I can. I’m also happy and grateful I can watch it the way I currently am: At my relative’s home. My relative lives near desert without subdivisions and wildlife and native desert plants all around. It’s a calming, slow paced lifestyle that I’m really enjoying right now. I do suffer from severe allergies here, but I still try to find the good in living here because it will change sooner than later. Arizona is experiencing a boom in the housing market, so the desert may not exist the way I always knew it to next year. So, I’m relishing it all I can before it’s gone and a memory.

Although I’m sad this may be the last fall I’ll get to see the desert near my relative’s house in it’s untouched, natural state, I’m happy I can see it during the change of season. I always loved the desert near my relative’s home and seeing it for what could be one last time before it’s gone is something I’m taking the time to enjoy.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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