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My Low Buy Start to the Year- What I Will Be Buying Less This Year

After spending a lot of money to rebuild my beauty collection and replace many items that wore out, I know it’s about time to pull back on buying so many things. In early 2019, I saw a trend of announcing YouTubers will be on a no buy and low buy year, meaning they with either not purchase a specific product or slow their purchasing down substantially. Although I have no plans to stop buying things this year, I know I will be enforcing a low buy to the start of the year. I plan on ending it at the end of March, and will allow myself to pick up necessities and refills of products I love and really do use on a regular basis as well as gifts for people if need be. The reason I decided to do a low buy year is to focus on purchasing products I really love and want to own, enjoy the products I already own, and reduce the amount of items I own and never use.

Make Up

Due to a major health issue I suffered from for over a decade, I couldn’t wear much make up. When I started a new treatment for my health issue, I could start wearing make up. Unfortunately, so many years passed since I wore make up my old make up expired or was discontinued. So, I began to purchase all the products I really wanted to try, including new make up releases. Now that it’s a new year, I decided to pull back on buying make up. I plan on purchasing only the basics that I know I will use and replacements of products I run out of, but as for new releases, they need to fill a gap in my make up collection I know I need to fill. Otherwise, I’m not interested in purchasing new make up this year.


Skin Care Products

As with the make up, I couldn’t have a skin care routine. When my health improved, I began to experiment with more skin care products in order to find the products that worked great for my skin. Right now I’m fairly certain that I found all the products I love the most and work best for my skin for my skin care routine. Since I’m happy with my skin care routine, I don’t need new skin care products except if I run out of the products I use on a regular basis.


Bath and Body Works

After many years of not shopping at Bath and Body Works, I returned to shop there in recent years. After regularly shopping there, I acquired enough products to make myself happy. Because of this, I decided to pull back purchasing at Bath and Body Works this year. I do plan on shopping for presents, but not for myself unless I run out of a product.


Victoria’s Secret Perfumes and Body Sprays

I love Victoria’s Secret perfumes and body sprays, but I have plenty of them. I also have not liked the recent limited edition fragrances, so this is a great time for me to not purchase anything new and enjoy the fragrances I already own and love.



Due to my health issues, my body’s size changed. Because of this, I needed to buy myself new clothing, but I’m happy with the clothing I own as well as the size of them. Even though I liked to stock up on winter clothing during the beginning of the year sales, I know they probably won’t fit me right next year. So, purchasing them right now is not only not logical, but a waste of money because the return policy would expire before I know I wouldn’t be able to wear the clothing.


That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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