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Marshall’s December 2018 Haul

In my last post, I went shopping at Marshall’s for a planner. While I was there, I also found a few other items I needed.The first item I purchased is a Kate Spade New York comforter…

I needed a new comforter for over a year, but couldn’t find one I liked within my price range. While shopping, I found Kate Spade New York comforters in two different designs as well as in different sizes. I wanted a Kate Spade comforter, but couldn’t find a design I liked until I saw this one. I’m very happy I saw it before they sold out!

The second item I purchased was a Kate Spade New York sheet set…

In addition to needing a new comforter, I needed new bed sheets. I purchased a cheep stand-in set, but I need something softer that does not require fabric softener to make the sheet fabric feel rough and scratchy. Since I had luck finding the Kate Spade comforter, I decided to see if I could find a bed sheet set to match. I’m so happy I found a set in my bed’s size because Kate Spade sheets in my bed’s size always sells out first.

The last item I purchased was a Rae Dunn planner…

I needed a new planner for 2019, but couldn’t find one I liked in Walmart or Target. I decided that, before I tried the two stores again, to look at Marshall’s for a planner or agenda. I found three Rae Dunn planner styles for sale, but I picked the one that says “Make It Happen”. Although I liked the quotes on the front of the other agendas, I liked this one the best because it could open flat, which is something I like and need in my agendas.

I’m very happy with my purchases and cannot wait to start using my new comforter and bed sheets! I hope I can find another sheet set or two so I can have back ups for the sheets I currently own.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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