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5 Singers I Used to Love as a Child and Still Love as an Adult

Recently, I started to binge listen to music I used to like when I was a child. Some of the music I like but realized I missed the real meaning of the lyrics because of my youth. Other music I usually listen to regularly whenever I feel like I need to hear it again. This made me realize I had favorite artists I used to love when I was little and still love as an adult. Although I have many more artists I love as a child and as an adult, I’m listening to five singers a lot lately.

Bryan Adams

My first memorable memory of a Bryan Adams’ music is the song (Everything I Do) I Do It For You from the 1991 movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Although Bryan Adams wrote and sang other well known songs, I didn’t know them at that time. Over the course of my childhood, I listened to more Bryan Adams music and began to love his music style. Even though I am much older now, I still love his music and listen to it often whenever I need to listen to something that makes me happy.


Dolly Parton

Like many who grew up listening to country music, I listened to Dolly Parton. Although I didn’t list to Dolly when I was very young, as I got older I began to listen to her music more and I became a fan of her when I was a teenager. Even though I don’t know everything about Dolly, her life, and her music, I love listening to Dolly’s music and watch her performances whenever she is on TV.



Growing up I didn’t listen to Seal in my childhood home, but I still had opportunities to listen to Seal’s music at the grocery stores. Seal’s singing is smooth and his music is so pleasant to listen to that I made sure to remember his name. Now that I’m an adult, I still listen to Seal and play Crazy and Kiss From a Rose whenever I want to listen to something soothing while I work on something stressful.


Celine Dion

Growing up, I loved Disney’s animated version of Beauty and the Beast. Since Celine Dion sang on the duet of the pop single title track from the movie, I loved Celine Dion. Many of my peers in school didn’t like her (Not “cool” enough), but I loved her anyway. As an adult, I still love listening to Celine Dion music, especially if I feel stressed out and need something calming to listen to.


John Denver

The last singer on this list that I grew up listening to that I still listen to as an adult is John Denver. When I was a child, John Denver’s music from the 1970’s was one of the most beautiful music I ever heard. Even though I’m an adult, I still listen to John Denver’s music and I still believe Annie’s Song is one of the most beautiful and romantic songs ever written.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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